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Editorial Ateproca

Our publications speak for us and the best way to know them is by visiting this website. We welcome you and invite you to review it and contact us.

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What can we offer?

We have extensive experience to help you with electronic and digital publications of books, journals and research papers.
We are your perfect choice to edit, lay out and print your Scientific Journals.
We offer our services for translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. We have extensive experience in translating medical texts as well as other health related areas.
  • Editorial Advice 80% 80%
  • Grammar and style correction 45% 45%
  • Translations 95% 95%
  • Layout and editing 85% 85%

Frequent questions

Our services are related with the edition, publication, marketing and commercialization of scientific and literary works, books and brochures, and any other work that is the product of the intellectual efforts of its authors, as well as text layouts and all areas related to the editorial process. If you have any questions, we will gladly assist you.

We are a Scientific Society. Can you edit our Journal?
We have extensive experience editing and publishing Journals and Bulletins from different Medical Societies, such as the National Academy of Medicine, and the Societies of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology, Cardiology and Infectious Diseases.
What digital or electronic formats are used?
To ensure broad support for mobile devices and computers, the electronic publications are converted in PDF and Kindle formats.
If I have a research paper, do you provide technical advice for publication?
We do more than technical advice. Our multidisciplinary team can support you with grammatical and spelling correction, layout, so that publication be successful.
Can you translate a book into English or Spanish?
We have professionals who can translate your work into the desired language.

What our customers are saying about us

Since I joined the Editorial Board of the Venezuelan Journal of Oncology, I have worked with Dr. Rogelio Perez D’Gregorio and the Ateproca team. The working relationship has been fruitful and during the years they have taught me a great deal about the difficult job of being an Editor, have always been attentive to questions and offered me timely support during challenging times.

This Web page with its new design, is very colorful, and all the elements we need and is especially user-friendly. Starting now success can be expected.

Thank you very much for always being present in the world of medical publishers both in Venezuela and the United States.

Ingrid Nass de Ledo, MD (Venezuela)

Venezuelan Journal of Oncology

Editorial Ateproca is a Company that stands out for its experience, wide scope of services and reliability. They provide grammatical and style correction, translations, diagramming and editing. They offer technical advice with a multidisciplinary team of the highest level.

I have had the opportunity to benefit from the great work of this prestigious Company and have seen it grow throughout the years, first in Venezuela and now in New Jersey, U.S.A.  To the Company and its staff, my best wishes.

Pedro J Grases, MD (Costa Rica)


Expressing the importance of a Publishing House that has grown since it was created in 1990 to today is not an easy task. Its dedication and initiatives since its inception with platforms for editing on paper, and now in virtual journals and books on the Internet, innovative ideas and technology, have strengthened the company.

From south to north of our American Continent, Editorial Ateproca has expanded using the tools defined by its creator and President Dr. Rogelio Perez D’Gregorio, who with a futuristic vision was prepared by forming a team of professionals with vast experience in the editing process.

As Director of the Medical Gazette of Caracas, the century-old journal of our institution the National Academy of Medicine (ANM), I appreciate his constant advice and support. Wishing you the greatest success in this new phase of expansion.

Doris Perdomo de Ponce, MD, PhD (México)

Numerary Member ANM