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We are your technical assistance in preparation of scientific reports

On August 31st of 1990 ATEPROCA was founded.  According to its bylaw: The Company aims to provide technical assistance in all areas related to the production of scientific reports, design of protocols for clinical research studies, statistical analysis of those results and the elaboration of the final artwork for scientific articles.

On March 30th of 1993 we founded a publishing company and used the same acronym of the previous one and its name is EDITORIAL ATEPROCA. It’s bylaw says: The company aims to work in all areas related to editing, publication and marketing, commercialization of scientific and literary works, books and brochures, and any other work that is the product of the intellectual efforts of its authors, as well as text layouts and all areas related to the editorial process.


Innovative ideas

Advanced Technology

Clear Communication

Rogelio PerezRogelio Perez-D’Gregorio, MD, MS


Rogelio Perez-D’Gregorio, retired from the medical practice, is dedicated to publishing since 1990. He is Chairman of the company and is responsible for all activities of the editorial office.

GabrielaGabriela Perez-Avilan, MD


Gabriela Perez-Avilan, a bilingual physician, is responsible for reviewing and editing the texts translated by our staff from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Elena PerezElena Perez-D’Gregorio, DDS

Diagramming and Arts

Elena Perez-D’Gregorio, a dentist, is responsible for the Department of Arts Layout of the Editorial. She has many years of experience.

Sarita AvilanSarita Avilan-Palacios, DDS, MS


Sarita Avilan Palacios is a dentist, and directs the activities of the editorial office. She is Vice-President of the company and is also responsible for public relations of the institution.

Judith Toro-Merlo, MD,MS

Scientific Adviser

Judith Toro Merlo, physician and university professor, with experience in distance education, is our scientific advisor.

SergioSergio Andrade-Mentado


Sergio Andrade-Mentado is in charge of the printing and binding of the publisher. As well, as overseeing all photolithography processes and machinery used in the production of books, magazines and CDs.

Ella PPElba Pérez Pulido, PhD, MA

Linguistic Adviser

Elba Perez Pulido, PhD. in Education and MA in Arts at the Central University of Venezuela is the Linguistic Advisor of the Company.

Mariano photoMariano Fernandez-Silano, MD, PhD

Statistical Adviser

Mariano Fernandez-Silano, Medical Epidemiologist and PhD in Education mention Technology and Distance Education, is the statistical adviser to the Publisher.

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